Predebut Chanyeol and D.O


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Naeiyagi’s 1st Giveaway

  • One Exo Overdose Album Korean version


  • international giveaway.
  • mbf me because this giveaway is for all my lovely followers
  • only one winner
  • reblog as many as you want 
  • likes do not count
  • no giveaway blogs
  • I will be choosing the winner via
  • you need to be willing to give me your address if you win so I can ship it to you
  • if the winner doesn’t respond in 48h I will pick another one

Until June 10, 2014 Central European Summer Time (UTC+01:00)

Wish y’all good luck!  

Hello! I always wanted to host a giveaway and I finally have the chance to do so! I was going to post this on my personal/main blog (ktn97) but since I moved my side exo blog to this one, I’m posting it here instead! the rules, okay?!


-Anybody can enter this giveaway! (yep, you do not have to follow my blog.)

-Reblog as many times as you want and LIKES DO NOT COUNT

-Don’t delete the text

-I will need your address so, please make sure you are comfortable giving it to me
-I will be using a random generator to pick the winner

-No giveaway blog allowed (side blogs are okay)
-Giveaway ends on May 22

-There will only be one winner

-The winner will have 48 hrs to reply. If she/he doesn’t reply to me by then, I will pick a new winner

-Any questions, message me

-uhhh idunno what else…


-EXO K OR EXO M’S OVERDOSE ALBUM (may or may not come with poster)

-EXO bracelet (picture)

-one or two random exo merchandise (poster, photocard, shirt, lightstick…etc)

Once I pick the winner I will order the stuff and have it shipped directly to you!

Good luck! 

P.S I’m really sorry for my “edit”…I don’t edit at all and I did that in paint

epeuek-soh's first follower giveaway!


since i have earned more than 100+ followers in a week (wth? how? lol) , i am going to have a follower giveaway! tada! there will be one (1) lucky winner for this bundle giveaway, and since my blog is a f(exo) biased blog, i am going to give away a f(exo) bundle! *^*

here are the bundle’s…



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EXO 3rd Mini Album ‘Overdose' Tracklist

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Wufan showing off his basketball skills

Kris and his ... em... assets.

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Hi !

Here’s my first kpop giveaway ! :D

1st prize : whatever you want for a total of 30€

2nd prize : whatever you want for a total of 20€

The winners will have to choose what they want on taiyou.

Rules : 

  • It’s a giveaway for my followers, so you have to follow me!
  • Don’t follow me/participate if you plan to unfollow me right after the giveaway! uwu
  • Like count as one entry ! :)
  • Only one reblog!
  • No giveaway blog.
  • If you have the money for buying kpop merchandises, please let your chance to people who don’t have the money to buy it!
  • I will choose the winners with
  • I will tell the winners by a message on their blog
  • The winners will have 72 hours to answer me (cause I know you guys have busy life :3)
  • If you have a question or anything, you can ask, I’m here! :) And if you just want to talk, there’s no problem neither! :D

The giveaway will end on May, 25th, at 10pm (according to the hours in France!). :3

So, let’s all participate and have fun together! :D


Why don’t you ask your Donghae hyung for some lessons on how to get close to Dara noona chanyeol-ah?.  He is one of her best fanboys too. 

Oooh, Looks like someone’s got competition.


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